NHS staff, ugh

Seriously, so my pain that I get so often it caused me to start taking drugs and landed me in this cycle of sobriety, relapses, comedowns, withdrawals, sobriety and relapse again- I decided to try again with a doctor. I guess you can't always expect doctors to be nice, but seriously, as least pretend you … Continue reading NHS staff, ugh

Telling my friend I had relapsed

So out of all the posts I've been meaning to write, I'll start with the first thing I can think of. So I told my best friend that I was on, at that very moment, while chatting to him (over Facebook), MDMA. His reaction was, well, not what I expected. He completely went off at … Continue reading Telling my friend I had relapsed

Roller-coaster of a week

I've been wanting to blog for such a long time. Well, I know it's not been long since my last post, but every day something has happened that has made me want to type it out- get it out of my system. Have any of you fellow bloggers actually like, blogged in your head? For … Continue reading Roller-coaster of a week