I want to care

So I'm losing things. I'm losing people. I'm losing myself. I lost my job a couple of years ago, because I stopped turning up after collapsing from overdoses on more than one occasion, whilst at work (unbeknownst to my colleagues), and my anxiety became too much. They rang me, texted me, and finally, sent me … Continue reading I want to care

Finally losing weight!

I'm a big girl, no denying, no question. I hate my weight and pretty much everything about myself but my weight is the first I want to sort. Recently, I joined a group which you pay each time, weigh yourself on their proper scales, and each week talk about recipes that are completely healthy according … Continue reading Finally losing weight!

A fantastic free holiday nobody wants to go on

Okay, so it's not free free, the flights cost, but basically... On my 21st, almost two years ago, my aunty and her wife bought me a holiday to practically anywhere in europe, you know like one of those gift boxes. Including a 2 night stay in a hotel (basically a book book of places, what's to … Continue reading A fantastic free holiday nobody wants to go on