Finally losing weight!

I’m a big girl, no denying, no question. I hate my weight and pretty much everything about myself but my weight is the first I want to sort.

Recently, I joined a group which you pay each time, weigh yourself on their proper scales, and each week talk about recipes that are completely healthy according to their rules. They have something called “syns”, which we can have 15 of per day. A chocolate bar is about 7 syns. I used to eat a huge chocolate bar and sweets each day, I’d buy ham and cheese baguettes and buy donuts and cakes and eat them all. Imagine how many syns that would be? Imagine how much weight I put on from constantly binging.

2 weeks after my first weigh in, 2 weeks after I joined, I won my stone award. I had lost 1 stone 1 lbs in a whole 2 weeks, which earned me the slimmer of the week award. Not only that, but somehow I had won, in two weeks, slimmer of the month award also, which came with a basket full of fruit and healthy things that people bring in each week. I am completely baffled about my weight loss, and how cutting out those chocolates and sweets has helped. I did no exercise whatsoever, just ate salads and healthy meals my mother cooked, who also joins me at the group to lose weight. Even when I went out I had a panini but instead of chips (my favourite thing ever at this particular chain of pubs), I swapped it for salad and had a none alcoholic cider.

It seems it is possible to control myself. I hope I haven’t gone to drastic because when I get into something I get into it hard, so sometimes I don’t eat when I should because I want to lose weight. I know I can’t keep up losing half a stone each week, but I feel like I can finally make small changes in my life, exercise, and maybe even enjoy it. I miss the stuff I used to binge one, but I am so happy with my progress so far I can’t imagine gaining it back all for a few minutes of unhealthy food, no matter how tasty.

It’s time for a lifestyle change. Monday is my next weigh in and although this weeks I’ve eaten white bread, cheese, and had a magnum ice cream as a treat- I hope to have lost maybe 3lbs, and have decided to start exercising tomorrow.

Wish me luck! I’ll be back on Monday to let ya’ll know how I got on and let me know if you wants tips on losing weight and help with binge eating. I understand. Enjoy your day/night/evening wherever you are, and stay strong!

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