A fantastic free holiday nobody wants to go on

Okay, so it’s not free free, the flights cost, but basically…

On my 21st, almost two years ago, my aunty and her wife bought me a holiday to practically anywhere in europe, you know like one of those gift boxes. Including a 2 night stay in a hotel (basically a book book of places, what’s to see, everything. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t cry often. I’m kinda crying as I write this which I feel pathetic for but hey, I’m a woman, and a woman knows when she’s like this it’s the time of the month you avoid me for a few days before I begin my snapping at you. Not any of you, but my family).

Who wouldn’t want to see any of this?

I don’t know if it’s the cost of flights (which are very low) or if it’s me… but I’m offering the beauties of Italy.

Rome? No? All that history, and not just the never-ending historical parts of rome but what about the at least 10 wonderful 4* hotels in different locations depending on where I’d want to go.

Talking of Italy, here are some other stunning places that the hotels are nearby, again 4*’s

Image result for italy
Venice. Absolutely beautiful
Image result for italy
Let’s not forget Milan- Captain of Italy and the dream of any fashion lover like myself.

Italy was one of many. 120 sites I can go to , free amazing hotels, and not one person can come.

Sure, it is probably because of the flights I get it. Or the weirdness of flying somewhere without parents in the middle of somewhere, but I can’t help but feel alone. I see people hanging in different countries drinking and having fun. Okay, I don’t want to go to magaluf or travel to one of those countries people go for the clubs and the pub and gambling and, just going off one of my friends, they aren’t strangers to drugs like mdma. Neither am I, and I know how fun it can be but it can be cut with things fentanyl and pma, and first timers go there thinking “why not i’m on holiday’. I’ve read waaay too many of those stores.

Image result for berlin
Berlin. Look how beautiful it is!

So then France, which I’ve been to via ferry. It was great, but never got to go to Paris, which is another capital city, and another fashionista must-visit. Germany like Berlin for a start, but even the places you’d never have thought of, and you look it up and think “I’d love to go here!”, Spain (plenty of places), Portugal, even bloody Turkey. (Although I doubt that’s at the front of my to go list, no offence.). Then Iceland, Finland, all the ‘lands’ you can think of.

Related image
Beautiful Paris. Although thinking about everything happening lately terrorist-related or otherwise, I’m sure my parents would be worried sick all weekend. Sigh

I could go somewhere simple, like Ireland, or Scotland, but I can go there any time. I wanted a special trip that I’d remember forever. I’ve mixed feelings. I almost two years I have found nobody willing to go on this holiday with me, what am I doing wrong? One girl told me, months later when we fell out, that she said no to be because she didn’t wanna spend time with me, she’d used me to get through her university year and didn’t want to spend time away from home with me because she didn’t need to, nor want to. So that revelation sucked. The other girl would come as long as I paid for the plane tickets, she also wanted to choose where we went too. The rest, well, flimsy excuses. Mostly plane ticket excuses, which I get, but even when I offered to pay I got the whole “I’ll have to see because of *insert many easily avoidable or rectifiable excuses here*  

Image result for spain
Cause who would wanna go to Spain, right?

I’ve thought about selling a ticket but it wouldn’t work because it’s for two people for to nights at the same hotel. It would be twin beds in one room, so imagine me sharing a room with a stranger? I am starting to want to go alone but my parents wont let me, you know cause i’m only a young girl… oh hang on a minute, I’m 22! Somebody, for heaven’s sake, tell my parents because they’re stuck in the past. The only reason I am listening and probably will go with my sister is because 1) It’s a nice thing to do, even though my sister really had no exctited look on her face at the prospect, and 2) because it would be a waste of the trip. Me going alone means my Aunty could have spent half of the money as this is a trip for two. Cheeky thought, could just get a cheap hostel down somewhere and get the refund for the trip. Nah. I have too many morals (well, when I want to. I’ll snort a line of coke but to actually do something that would provide me with money and still have a holiday, nooo way.) Backwards thinking should be my middle name. 

So basically, this was just a post to exclaim how disappointed I am that the first adult holiday I could have gone on with a close friend, I am ending up going with my family, which, no offence, but I’ve done loads of times, not really in such beautiful countries, but it just felt like something I could do independently, you know? Even my best friend doesn’t want to come. Funny cause ever since I mentioned I had anxiety, he’s been citing his own “anxiety” about everything I ask of him. It’s not that I don’t believe him. But I’m asking you to come to a place, possibly romantic like Rome or Paris, and you’re saying no because you don’t know what to do. Neither do I, hunny, but you’re 25 something tells me if you never take the risk you’ll be a very lonely person someday. And I don’t mean him. But so many people would rather stay at home than go on an adventure, that those people will have missed out on so much fun that the people who’ve done all these things will have nothing in common with you. I’m already starting to feel the strain.

Anyway. First I’ll choose the country, then the place, then the hotel that is nearest the best places within that place, then go do as much as I can in two days, alone or not. Happy blogging/reading guys! And if anybody has any tips or places you would recommend, let me know! xx

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