A belated Merry Christmas

Well on my journey to work on Christmas Eve I wrote some of a blog post, and since then it’s disappeared into the abyss, so I’ll start again, just kinda, really late.

Actually it was a blessing I didn’t finish that on Christmas Eve morning, when it was wet and the busses were barely running and it was freezing cold and early in the morning. I was on a bus earlier than I wanted to be (I hate being at work early, then I have to sit in the staff room which I’ve explained before is tiny and right next to the manager’s office), but it turned out to be a good thing. I got to work, was able to go and take what I ‘needed’ to take and have a drink while sitting and reluctantly chatting to whoever came by the office for whatever reason.

Then my shift started. Oh no. It was going to be like yesterday (at the time, so the 23rd), it was going to be packed. Where would I stand? How long would the queue be? As I headed onto the shop floor, it was quite blissful. Yes it was a mess, as they were getting ready for a sale for boxing day, but there were a few customers browsing, and a couple people at the til. I had my brief (which is basically just how much we need to make, and where we are on that day). I was on tills and markdowns. Perfect.

Seriously, I thought I was just dreaming. There was the odd customer, mostly a male, getting last minute gifts for their girlfriends or mothers, and it felt great being able to say “have a great Christmas!” rather than “have a good day” for once. And conversation was easy, all you had to do was ask them “last minute shopping?” or “this it now or you got more to go?” and seriously the customers loved chatting about it and replying. Why not? It’s Christmas Eve, everybody is cheerful. I was cheerful.

That’s it really. That was my day. Okay, morning. I was home by half 3. I’d enjoyed it so much though. The 4 hours went by so quick they were telling me to leave because I was sticking around, still not sure if it was real or not. The stickering and pricing didn’t work too well, as customers kept coming up every few minutes, but that’s what I loved. And almost all of them were lovely, a couple of them even flirted with me. It felt like God really was watching down on me and giving me a good Christmas.

I got home, grabbed whatever alcohol I could find, and had some drinks and food. I had grabbed a Greggs baguette for lunch and ate that before dinner a few hours later, which was of course roast, and was yummy. I don’t really remember much about the rest of the day. Maybe I was too drunk, or high, or both. I just remember the best part being work, and I still now cannot believe the happiness I could feel from everybody around me, the love vibing off the guys buying gifts for their loved ones (even if it was very late!), the cheer from the children. No rushing around, no hectic families and crying babies like the previous days. Just joy. I found I had faith in humanity for a while, that maybe humans are better than we think, and we can all be nicer, a bit more of the time.

Next one will probably be about Christmas day, maybe share some pics! Then of course New Years. Maybe a soppy new me post? We’ll see. lol.

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