Roller-coaster of a week

I’ve been wanting to blog for such a long time. Well, I know it’s not been long since my last post, but every day something has happened that has made me want to type it out- get it out of my system. Have any of you fellow bloggers actually like, blogged in your head? For me, I have an idea, like a title, and then whether I’m on a bus or at work or even at home but doing something else; I’ll start saying what I want to write in my head. It’s a shame that a lot of that has become lost now over the past week.

Where to start? I guess the first big thing I can think of is the time I told my best friend I had relapsed. As you may know (anybody reading, who knows), it’s been a bit more than that, as it’s been going on a while, but I was clean for a long time and truly, I am ashamed that I’ve reverted back to some old habits, and the worst for me was that I hadn’t told my best friend. So that’ll be my next post; how he reacted, how things turned out etc.

Other things that have been happened include getting told off by my manager, being late to work even more, and generally having on and off days. Maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel? Who knows. But my future few posts will be about my past weeks experiences. Just really for myself- to get everything off my chest and document my life, so I can see in the future how far I’ve come (hopefully not the opposite; how far I’ve fallen).

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