Late to work again

Just a random update/thought. Once again I am going to let work down, because I was too busy doing my make up and other things.

I guess I’m just fed up of being a failure and letting everybody down. I want to be a happy healthy 22 year old but instead I’m working in retail (the one place I promised I’d never work in as a career), I’m depressed, lonely, and dosed up to my eyeballs on pills because I am an idiot. I’m honestly frightened right now because of the mix that I had. I don’t want to collapse again like in my previous job, and I don’t want my parents finding out.

I currently have 7 minutes until my shift starts and I am half way. This is a Christmas temp job, can you imagine if I get fired from a temp job?! I guess the one good thing is that I got paid yesterday.

Oh, and I took out a ¬£1000 loan that has so much interest I’ll end up paying nearly double that over the year. What a waste.

Anyway. Just a little rant and update, my next post will be more lighthearted, all about my trip out with my sister yesterday, which was fun!

Wish me luck with being late (again).

And remember.. just keep swimming!

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