Feeling irrelevant

I have a weird problem where I constantly feel irrelevant to everybody. Whatever I say, I regret almost immediately. If nobody replies in a conversation online or in person, I feel totally embarrassed and shamed. It’s like all my emotions kick into overdrive, and I find myself questioning everything, ever feel the same? Like you’re just there, not being able to speak without feeling stupid for saying it. I’m regrettably one of those people who sometimes acts different just to be able to join in. Like I have a watsapp group with some friends from work, but all I feel when I speak, is embarrassment, especially if nobody replies and all carry on their conversation like you don’t exist or what you said is irrelevant.

Chances are, they just didn’t see it, or don’t really feel the need to reply- maybe they don’t know what to reply themselves! I know plenty of times somebody else has said something and nobody has replied to it, and usually I don’t cause I feel like I’ve nothing relevant to reply. Before you dismiss people, I guess you should think about the fact other people might feel the same. It’s still hard though, right? It completely puts you off writing anything else, especially if it’s an actual conversation and you just sit there and nobody acknowledges you said anything, so you sit there like ‘okayyy…’

Some people may do it deliberately– don’t let these people prosper. Make sure it doesn’t put you off speaking to people in future, and don’t be quick to judge when people don’t reply- it’s a lesson i’m trying to do too, cause it’s hard when you are already self-conscious and anxious around people, so speaking and not being listened to doesn’t help!

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