about me

If you want to know about me and my story, click on the link at the top, but here’s a quick bio as a first post

  • I am 18 years old, and I study fashion at university, first year.
  • I moved away from home a couple of months ago (just to student living)
  • I have two blogs which aren’t anonymous- but even the ‘personal’ blog isn’t that personal because I can’t risk people who know me, actually knowing ME!
  • I’m not skinny or pretty, I’m actually quite big and have problems with food- a love hate relationship (I love food, but then I hate it for making me so fat, and so on)
  • I was badly bullied for two years, moved away, and was bullied verbally for a further three years which has taken its toll on me, causing issues with anxiety and unhappiness, leading to self hate and harm (which I overcame one year ago)

So there you have it. I will blog about personal things- such as expand on my past issues, and of course post to help people struggling with self-hate, anxiety and depression problems, being bullied, and issues with parents/teachers/people in general!

I want to blog as I go through my journey and read other peoples blogs, and help people as much as I can- because if I can’t make a difference to peoples lives, there is absolutely no meaning in life for me. Thanks for reading, sign up, follow and add me! Message for any specifics, or help about the above issues, I always listen x

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